Marketing to intent expressed on Twitter can help you build your business in many ways.

Here are the five most popular ways our customers use NeedTagger to build theirs:

  1. Find potential customers who want or need what you sell
  2. Find potential customers complaining about your competitors
  3. Find potential customers discussing trigger events in their lives
  4. Content Marketing: share your content with people who need it or will appreciate it
  5. Customer Support: identify people complaining about your business.

The chart below explains how to set up your NeedTagger streams to mine Twitter for each type of opportunity.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up StreamBuilder for your business, check out How To Set Up a Prospecting Stream on NeedTagger: Step-By-Step Instructions.

Here’s where you select your Conversation Types and enter Keywords in StreamBuilder:

Once you know your objective, finding new business opportunities with NeedTagger is easy. 

Right now, Twitter is chirping with hundreds of thousands of shoppers (each day) spilling the beans on what they want for Christmas.

If you’re selling what they’re buying, these tweets represent an opportunity to meet and possibly help a future customer.  Or just to connect and share a joke.

The trick is, how do you find them?

That’s where a tool like NeedTagger comes in.  We offer two pre-tested holiday-filtered Twitter streams that can help you find potential customers in your market:

  • Holiday Season: What I Want for Christmas:  this is an open-ended stream of people expressing their Christmas wishes and wants in your area.  Set your Location Filter, then use the search bar in the Engagement panel to narrow your stream down to the products you sell.  This one is a fun way to engage with your market.  Or just to learn.
  • Holiday Season: People shopping for popular holiday gifts (2012):  this stream contains people chatting about and looking for the top 50 (most in-demand) gifts this season including the Nintendo Wii-U, Rocktivity Walk, LeapPad 2, Furby and many others.

These pre-filtered Twitter streams can help you to connect with and help potential customers in your market during the best time of the year.

Totally free, of course.

For example, here is what people want for Christmas in the Atlanta metro area:


How to build your own local stream (for Free):

  1. Click here to create a stream using our StreamBuilder interface (see below).  If you use NeedTagger in HootSuite, then use Settings/Edit Stream to make the same selections.
  2. Select ‘Retail’ for your Industry, and select one of the two Pre-Tested Streams described above.
  3. Set your Location Filters. You can also add Keywords and block words, and even specify Target Audience (bio) keywords.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,

The NeedTagger Team
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I just finished a live interview on Joanne Quinn-Smith’s TechnoGranny radio show (online audience of 1 million).  Every week, Joanne introduces her audience to a new technology or marketing practice, with a focus on helping small business owners and the marketers that serve them.

During the interview (listen below or click here), Joanne and I discuss how to find new prospects on Twitter using various methods.  We also talk about where NeedTagger works best, and cover the best ways to introduce yourself to a prospect on the world’s largest public network.

Let us know if you have any questions we didn’t cover on the show, and we’ll be happy to answer them!