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How To Use NeedTagger To Build Your Business

NeedTagger mines the conversations you pull from Twitter and other social networks for expressions of commercial intent related to your business. We call these expressions, Social Signals.

Identifying social signals in your data is easy using our API. There are three steps involved:

1) Create or select a stream filter (signal) using our self-service app.

2) Send your social data through our API and receive “intent tags”. We’ll analyze each message for over 70 common signals plus any custom signals you define. Classification is immediate and suitable for real-time applications.

3) Use the “intent tags” we provide to drive actions and decisions in your applications.

To learn more about how our API works, visit our developer portal.

NeedTagger API how it works

How NeedTagger’s API Works (3 steps)

What You Can Do With It

Social signals are most commonly used to streamline work in social media monitoring & marketing. They can also be used to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of your existing CRM and Marketing Automation applications, as the diagram above illustrates.

Here are a few ways you can use our API to streamline and focus your social media monitoring work:

  • Acquire New Customers: identify people expressing purchase intent, asking questions or discussing key life events related to your products and services. Great for top-of-funnel customer prospecting. Create custom filters for each sales region and product line.
  • Take Business From Your Competitors: identify prospects complaining about your competitors, their products and their brand. Flag tweets in real time and add them to your CRM system and new leads. Then, put your sales force to work.
  • Manage Your Online Reputation: flag questions and complaints related to your products, services and brand. Use these signals to automatically generate support tickets in your CRM system. You can build an unlimited number of conversation filters to match your unique customer support process.
  • Content Marketing: Monitor market demand for specific types of information using custom intent tags that you define. Then, micro-target your market by sending your content to people asking questions and expressing a need for information or advice related to content you produce. Create a custom filter/tag for every new blog post, if you like.  Perfect for PR, influencer marketing and link building in social media.

How To Customize It For Your Business

Social Signals is a self-service platform, meaning you won’t need to hire an army of consultants and PhDs to customize it for your business. Any business professional who is thoroughly familiar with the ways social media is used in your industry can build and tweak social signals (stream filters) for your business, in minutes.

To create a custom signal (stream filter) for your business, you’ll use our self-service web app, Streambuilder. It works a lot like Twitter Advanced Search. It’s the same app used by more than 6,000 sales reps, marketers and business owners in a dozen industries to generate leads, support customers and market content (since 2012).

The 10-minute video below explains how to use Streambuilder to create custom signals for three common social media monitoring tasks. We present live customer examples as a guide.

Using The NeedTagger App  (infographic)

The step-by-step guide below shows how to use NeedTagger’s StreamBuilder app to create an intent-filtered stream for your business. It also explains what each of the settings mean.

Streambuilder works a lot like Twitter Advanced Search, so if you are familiar with that tool then building filters with NeedTagger will feel natural to you.

How To Use NeedTagger's App

How To Use NeedTagger’s App To Create A Custom Social Signal