Marketing to intent expressed on Twitter can help you build your business in many ways.

Here are the five most popular ways our customers use NeedTagger to build theirs:

  1. Find potential customers who want or need what you sell
  2. Find potential customers complaining about your competitors
  3. Find potential customers discussing trigger events in their lives
  4. Content Marketing: share your content with people who need it or will appreciate it
  5. Customer Support: identify people complaining about your business.

The chart below explains how to set up your NeedTagger streams to mine Twitter for each type of opportunity.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up StreamBuilder for your business, check out How To Set Up a Prospecting Stream on NeedTagger: Step-By-Step Instructions.

Here’s where you select your Conversation Types and enter Keywords in StreamBuilder:

Once you know your objective, finding new business opportunities with NeedTagger is easy. 

5 Ways to Build Your Business Using NeedTagger by