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Upgrade Your Social Intelligence

Introducing Social Signals API

Instantly identify more than 70 types of commercial intent in your social data.

  • Classify Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ posts
  • Build custom stream filters for any requirement using our self-service app
  • Real time classification of fire hose volumes
  • English language / social posts only
  • RESTful API
  • Free 30-day trial

Start Mining Your Data Today (for Free)

In four easy steps:

  1. Get Your API Key. Our 30-day Free Trial classifies up to 1,000 messages per day.
  2. Create a NeedTagger App account. You’ll use the app to build and test your data filters. We provide 30 days of Twitter historical data to test against.
  3. Send your social data (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) through our API. We’ll tag every post for intent – in real time.
  4. Use your intent-tagged data to drive actions and decisions in your customer-facing apps, business applications and social media analytics.

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Become A Real-Time Social Business

NeedTagger quickly identifies the conversations that matter for any business function impacted by social media.

You can use Social Signals to improve efficiency and market responsiveness in many areas of your business, for example:

  • Social Media Monitoring:  Separate the signal from the noise. Save time. Stay focused on the conversations that matter.
  • Sales: listen for buying signals to identify new sales prospects, or to nurture existing leads.
  • Customer Support: flag questions & requests for help and generate customer support tickets – or send an email to solve the problem. They won’t know how you knew…
  • PR: respond to complaints to manage your reputation
  • Inbound Marketing: score a lead when they discuss a job change or another trigger event.
  • Content Marketing: send your content directly to people who want it – because they’re asking questions about it!
  • Marketing Analytics: monitor the commercial intent of an audience before and after an advertising campaign.
  • and more

social intent powers real time marketing by NeedTagger 

Text Analytics Made Easy

Finally: custom text classification that anyone can use!

PreTested Streams

Build Custom Filters Using Our Self-Service App

  • 100% self-service, cloud-hosted platform
  • High-speed, rules-based classification
  • English-language tags that make sense: no post-processing required
  • Build custom stream filters & test them in real time
  • No ontology work
  • No machine training
  • No PhDs required
  • Excellent precision and recall


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