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Introducing Social Signals API (beta)

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  • Identify more than 70 types of commercial intent
  • Classify Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ posts
  • Build custom filters for any requirement
  • Lightning-fast classification
  • English only
  • RESTful API
  • Free 30-day trial


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The API for Real-Time Marketers

Use social listening to drive bottom-line results.

  • Listen for buying signals to identify sales prospects
  • Leverage questions & requests for help to trigger lead-nurturing emails
  • Score a lead when they discuss a job change
  • Respond to complaints to manage your reputation
  • Analyze your audience’s social behavior before launching that Twitter campaign
  • and more

social intent powers real time marketing by NeedTagger 

Text Analytics Made Easy

Text classification that’s easy to understand and use.

PreTested Streams

  • 100% self-service, cloud-hosted platform
  • High-speed, rules-based classification
  • Tags that make sense: no post-processing required
  • Build custom intent filters & test in real time
  • No ontology work
  • No machine training
  • Excellent precision and recall


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