10 Ways To Introduce Yourself to a Prospect On Twitter
Did you know? The maximum age for bottlenose dolphins is between 40 and 50 years.

10 Ways To Introduce Yourself to a Prospect On Twitter It can be awkward to introduce yourself to a prospective customer on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. On Twitter, millions of people ask for help and advice every day. That’s why Twitter is such ...Read the rest

I have some bad news to share. At midnight on June 30, the publicly-available NeedTagger apps are going offline, permanently.   This includes our web app and HootSuite app. However, our Social Signals API will remain online. A special version of our web app will be made available ...Read the rest

‘Content Shock’ Isn’t Hiding Your Content – Your Customers Are
Did you know? A baby dolphin must learn to hold its breath while nursing.

(full disclosure: I am a minor investor in Flipboard, which is used as an example in this post) I find it ironic that marketing pros are debating whether “content shock” is a threat to content marketing, while hundreds of millions of their target customers are solving that problem right ...Read the rest

12 Awesome Social Selling Infographics You Shouldn’t Miss
Did you know? Dolphin teeth are used for grasping, not chewing. They have no jaw muscles for chewing.

On our Pinterest board we maintain a collection of more than 1,000 of the best social media infographics for our customers. From what we can see, social selling seems to be alive and well on the ‘visual web’. Here is a collection of some of the ...Read the rest

A Gaggle of Links for the Google+ Newbie
Did you know? Killing a dolphin in ancient Greece was punishable by death.

In my opinion, Google+ beats other social networks for deep, engaging conversation and for boosting your search engine ranking.  We’ve seen  five +1’s on Google+  move a blog post from page 5 to page 1 in a couple of days.  The page lift wanes over ...Read the rest

Will Independent Apps Outrun Enterprise Suites?
Did you know? Marine dolphins see quite well both below and above the water.

A recent post by Rajiv Kapoor on Marketo’s blog prompted me to think about the current tech cycle we’re in and how it might play out. Specifically, I wonder if the new crop of hyper-fast-growing independent software providers led by marketing kings, Marketo, Hubspot and ...Read the rest

How To Find Insurance Leads on Twitter
Did you know? A baby dolphin must learn to hold its breath while nursing.

Many agents and brokers use Twitter to identify new insurance leads to help build their book of business. We have dozens of clients doing that on NeedTagger, today. However, we’ve learned by working with our agency clients that prospecting on Twitter for insurance leads is ...Read the rest

Mastering The Salmon Dance: Why High Quality Content Isn’t Enough To Get Noticed Online
Did you know? There are 32 species of marine dolphins, four types of river dolphins, and six types of porpoises.

I recently saw the following short interview with Jay Baer (posted on Convince and Convert) in which he talks about the recent changes to Google’s search engine algorithms (Panda and Hummingbird in particular). In this interview, Jay explains why these changes to Google mean that ...Read the rest

When marketing in social media, try making serendipity your goal – instead of clicks, likes, followers or leads.   When Did ‘Social’ Become ‘Media’? I’m certainly not the first person to point this out, but it bears repeating: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn weren’t designed to be media ...Read the rest

How To Use Promoted Tweets To Shorten Your Sales Cycle
Did you know? Dolphins don't drink water. All of their hydration comes from the food they eat.

Twitter recently announced Keyword Targeting for their Promoted Tweets ad product. Performance marketers rejoiced, Now we can generate leads and sales from social networks using native, keyword-targeted ads! Maybe… As Forbes pointed out in a recent article, the jury is out as to whether keyword-targeted ...Read the rest