Social Selling is Like Water [video]
Did you know? There are 32 species of marine dolphins, four types of river dolphins, and six types of porpoises.

“This is Water” is a great video that will inspire you to look at your job in a new light. Based on a unique commencement speech made by author David Foster Wallace to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College, the video points out that ...Read the rest

The Flipboard Effect: What If They Never See Our Content?
Did you know? Dolphins sleep by resting one half of their brain at a time so that one eye is always open.

It took Google thirteen years to fill the online marketplace with search-friendly customers and web-enabled vendors. Today, blogging, social sharing and marketing automation are filling the marketplace with content – and most of it is crap. In response, your customers and prospects are starting to ...Read the rest

(note: this article is also available in our Customer Service Center) Using Twitter to generate leads and meet sales prospects isn’t hard, but takes a bit of practice.   Since launching NeedTagger in 2012, we’ve helped thousands of businesses find and connect with new customers on Twitter. ...Read the rest

How Many B2B Leads Can You Get From Twitter?
Did you know? The killer whale is the world's largest dolphin.

How many leads could your company get from Twitter, if you focused on it as a channel? In this post we offer examples, facts and figures that will help you frame the size of the Twitter lead generation opportunity for your business. Regardless of your ...Read the rest

How To Connect With People One of your basic objectives as a social sales person should be to establish yourself as a trusted resource and a subject matter expert to your market.  You need to be viewed as a helpful professional whom your prospects and ...Read the rest

The 3 biggest challenges to social prospecting and how to overcome them
Did you know? There are 32 species of marine dolphins, four types of river dolphins, and six types of porpoises.

After helping over 2,000 social selling professionals connect with new prospects on Twitter, we’ve learned there are three challenges most first-time “social prospectors” will face. The challenges we see professionals struggle with when prospecting customers on Twitter include: not being clear about who you want ...Read the rest

10 Great Resources for the Social Selling Newbie
Did you know? A baby dolphin must learn to hold its breath while nursing.

2013 seems to be the year Social Selling hit the mainstream – especially in B2B sectors where “Facebook marketing” never resonated that much. There is growing evidence that adding social prospecting, lead nurturing and relationship building skills to your arsenal will improve your sales performance. Consider what ...Read the rest

How To Capture Leads, Acquire New Customers and Sell On Twitter
Did you know? Dolphin teeth are used for grasping, not chewing. They have no jaw muscles for chewing.

Can You Really Sell On Twitter? Let’s end this debate once and for all:  yes, you can meet new prospects, capture new leads, acquire customers and sell products and services using Twitter. Thousands of companies, business owners and sales professionals are doing it right now. ...Read the rest

To acquire customers with social media, share your most helpful content with people who need it, as close to their moment of need as possible. Recruiting Fans Isn’t Enough Is your social media marketing objective to grow your business? If so, then you know you ...Read the rest

Does purchase intent exist in social media? and, can it be mined for leads and sales like search engine queries can? For most marketers, purchase intent doesn’t pop into their head when talking about social media. Not a lot of people are buying stuff on ...Read the rest