A new legal text analysis company named Illocution has compiled an interesting lexicon of English tweets which is free to download and use. Illocution’s lexicon lists the most common and least common bigrams (2-word combinations) that make up today’s Tweets.  Illocution analyzes a million tweets per month, so it’s ...Read the rest

A recent briefing by Bain and Co.  gives a great top-down view of the state of social business in the enterprise today.  It makes a strong case that early adopters of social media are experiencing significant bottom line results, but we are still early in ...Read the rest

As most social marketing professionals know, the signal-to-noise ratio in social media streams can be awful.   For example: By some estimates, over half of Twitter accounts are either ciphers or bots. Content farms, auto-blogs, tweetbots and splogs continue to churn-out duplicate content at an amazing rate. Over ...Read the rest

Optimism regarding social media’s business potential remains high. In 2012, organizations are projected to spend $2.1 billion – a 33% increase over last year – on social media marketing services and technology to perform the following tasks: scan social media streams to identify and connect with ...Read the rest