Frequently Asked Questions

I am not seeing enough customer opportunities in my Stream.  How can I get more?

Try the following:

  • select more Conversation Filters
  • add more Keywords or select more Keyword Groups
  • remove all of your Target Audience keywords
  • loosen your Location Filters:  remove or increase their radii (NOTE: about 1% of Tweets are Geo-Tagged; about 40% of Twitter profiles provide a location)

I am seeing too many off-topic posts in my Stream.  How can I reduce the noise level?

Try the following:

  • delete noisy Keywords
  • try searching for specific profiles:  add a few terms into Target Audience – Keywords
  • add more block words to your Keywords: enter block words into the Search Bar in your Engagement panel to see which ones remove the most noise
  • deselect one or more Conversation Filters
  • deselect one or more Keyword Groups
  • add or tighten your Location Filters by decreasing their radii (NOTE: about 1% of Tweets are Geo-Tagged; about 40% of Twitter profiles provide a location)

How do I adjust the contents of my Stream?
Click the “Edit” button at the top of your stream.  Edit your Stream options and click “Save”.  Your stream will immediately reflect the changes.  Up to 30 days of history will be displayed.

I don’t see a “Conversation Filter” that fits my organization’s needs.  Would you build one for me?

There are two ways to get a new Conversation Filter built for your business:
1. Click here to suggest a filter.  If we build it, we’ll offer it to everyone at no charge to you. We’ll notify you if your request is added to our service. If we decide not to build it, you will not receive a notice.
2. Contact Us regarding our Enterprise plan if you want a private filter available only to you.

Please note:   We do not build for every request we receive.  NeedTagger is designed to serve multiple customers per template.  If your request is too rare, inappropriate for social media monitoring (in our sole opinion), or does not lend itself to our type of application, then we probably won’t build your filter.

Do you build custom streams for a fee?  Can I keep it private (off of your menu)?
Yes, we offer an Enterprise plan for this purpose.  Enterprise customers enjoy unlimited freedom regarding the type of needs, locations and user profiles they are targeting.  We’ll work closely with your team to get the filters just right, and you will receive a named specialist to work with.
Our fee for this service is higher than our standard pricing and it involves a setup fee.  If you are interested in requesting a custom Stream Definition, contact us at

Can I use block words in the Search Bar (Engagement panel)?
Yes. Just type a minus sign (“-”) before your block word(s).

Can I store block words in my Keywords (StreamBuilder)?
Yes. Just type a minus sign (“-”) before your block word(s).

In your analytics module, Insights, what is the difference between a “click” and a “share”?
Clicks tell you how much traffic you are generating from your Stream Definition.  Shares give you an idea of how viral your content is.

A Click is recorded every time someone clicks on a link contained in your Outreach Message. Every click should generate a corresponding “visit” to your landing page (or other URL) shared in your Outreach Message.

A Share is recorded every time someone shares a link you posted with someone else. Typically, this is caused by a retweet of your message, a DM or another form of copy-and-forward event. Shares can also occur across social networks, for example when someone shares your tweet on their Facebook page.

How do I send a Direct Message to someone using NeedTagger?
You cannot DM a person from NeedTagger.
NeedTagger was designed to help you meet needs expressed by people who don’t already follow you (ie, “out of network”). A DM can only be sent to a follower of your account.
We may add “in network” monitoring to our application, depending on customer demand.

How do I track NeedTagger traffic in Google Analytics?
To do this, go to the Resources tab and edit your Landing Page URLs.  Append the GA tracking codes (UTM) to the end of your Landing Page URL. Once this is done, traffic generated by links shared from your tagged URLs will show up in your Google Analytics account as a separate channel.

Do you monitor activity for spamming, etc.?
Yes, we do. We have a strict anti-spam policy.  Don’t try spamming with our service – we will boot you off of our platform.

When you say you bill by the month, what exactly does this mean?
Billing is made in advance for the following 30 days of capacity.

How do you handle upgrades and downgrades?
When you change from one paid plan to another, your billing cycle is restarted; your credit card is billed in full for 30 days on your new plan; and, your account is credited for the number of days remaining in your old plan. If you downgrade from a paid plan to the Free plan, you will not receive a refund for the remainder of your old paid plan.

Can I pop on and off a paid account throughout year?
We discourage this.  We remove stream definitions and history for paid accounts who have left the service for more than one month. If you would like to keep your Stream Definitions and historical data, then you’ll need to stay on a paid plan.