How To Find Auto Repair Leads on Twitter

Are you an automotive repair shop, used car dealer or automotive service franchise seeking to connect with local customers on Twitter?  You’re not alone.

Because Twitter is such a noisy, high-volume medium, searching for leads can eat up a lot of time. This leads many automotive marketers to throw up their hands in frustration and stop trying.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right approach and tools, you can generate leads for your shop in just a few minutes each day.

Here’s how.

Can’t I Just Search For Keywords?

Many social media prospectors start by using Twitter Advanced Search or a third party version of the same.

We agree that Twitter’s search tools are great starting point for finding potential leads on Twitter. Especially if you are familiar with what people say on Twitter; good at complex keyword searches; and, don’t mind hunting and pecking your way through fast and noisy streams.

Unfortunately, as with any keyword-based search tool, most of the results you will get from Twitter will not be useful leads.  Mainly because there’s no real way to screen for purchase intent.  For this reason, you will waste time scrolling through tons of media-sharing posts and spam to find what you’re looking for.  This is why many repair shops give up on Twitter as a source of leads.

A Smarter Way

We went one step further and offer more than 70 Pre-Tested Prospecting Streams that are specifically engineered to help marketers find and connect with potential customers on Twitter, the worlds largest public social network.

We use sophisticated algorithms to analyze what people say, who they are, where they are and the context of their posts to filter your stream down to the people and posts that matter. We analyze everything in real time and give you access to 30 days of history in every stream.

For example, the screenshot below shows a Pre-Tested Stream on NeedTagger that we developed for the Automotive Repair Shops. The image isn’t doctored in any way.

People looking for car repair” is a pre-engineered, live Twitter stream of people discussing issues and needs related to their cars and trucks, common repairs and situations that warrant repairs (like a recent accident).

We detect a few thousand leads like this every day. Most major cities will see thousands per month.

Automotive Leads on Twitter - People who need their car fixed or repaired.

Automotive Leads on Twitter – People who need their car fixed or repaired.

Easy to Customize For Your Business

Pre-Tested Streams like the one above can be easily customized for your target market by adjusting a few search parameters:

  • Location: you can limit your search to people who live in your local market and to people who just tweeted near your location.
  • Keywords: add product/service names, leading brands, hashtags, block words, etc.
  • Profile/bio: enter keywords & block words to search profiles for people with certain job titles and interests; or, select from pre-tested profile filters.
  • and more

For example, if you sell Lotus Elise wheels you might want to set up a stream focused on people buying and seeking Lotus Elise Wheels.

Benefits of Marketing to Intent On Twitter

There are several benefits provided by this style of direct marketing on Twitter, including:

  1. Extend your potential sales reach by 10X: over 90% of your addressable market on Twitter probably doesn’t follow your account. They may never follow you, in fact. By seeking prospects out – rather than waiting for them to follow you – you can extend your effective sales reach to every potential lead.  Isn’t that why your company joined Twitter?
  2. High engagement rates:  click-through rates on outreach messages sent to individuals from NeedTagger currently range between 5% and 80%.  Almost all of these are directed @replies to people who do not follow their Twitter account.  The secret to high engagement is to be helpful – not spammy.
  3. Measure the ROI of your content:  NeedTagger tracks the number of opportunities on a daily basis for your custom prospecting stream.  We also track the clicks and shares generated by every outreach message individually. By adding a Google Analytics tag to your shared links, you can tie your outreach marketing directly to sales and leads generated.
  4. Manage compliance: many companies now have policies in place that govern what they can say and share online, especially with new contacts. We offer you the ability to save and reuse messages and URLs (landing pages, content, etc) in our web app, which is a great way to ensure compliance.

How NeedTagger Works

If you know a little about APIs, you can start mining your social data for leads like these today, in four easy steps:

  1. Get Your API Key. Our 30-day Free Trial classifies up to 1,000 messages per day.
  2. Create a NeedTagger App account. You’ll use our app to build and test your data filters. We provide 30 days of Twitter data to test against.
  3. Send your social data (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) through our API. We’ll tag every post for intent – in real time.
  4. Use your intent-tagged data to drive actions and decisions in your customer-facing apps, business applications and social media analytics.

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