Pre-Tested Customer Prospecting Streams

Start connecting with new customers in minutes! Just select one of our pre-tested streams, then narrow your focus by adjusting:

  • customer location (2 ways): by home town (author profile) or by where-posted (geo tag)
  • discussion topics & keywords: add products, brands, hashtags, block words, etc.
  • profile/bio: enter keywords & block words and select from pre-tested profile filters
  • and more

Don’t see one that meets your needs?  leave your suggestion here. We add new streams all the time.



Intent-Filtered Stream

Automotive People discussing cars and trucks (wide range of topics)
People who need a car (new or used)
People who need their car repaired
People with broken windshields
People who want or need a Crossover or SUV
People who want or need a Economy or Compact car
People who want or need a Family Sedan
People who want or need a Luxury Car
People who want or need a Sports Car
People who want or need a Truck
Beauty & Health People discussing hair salons and related products
Computers People discussing popular tablet devices (iPad, Nook, et al)
People discussing new computers and buying them
People experiencing problems with their computer
Education People discussing college in general
Students discussing college applications
Entertainment and Sports Horse players heading to the racetrack/OTB
Financial Services People discussing mortgages and the purchase of new homes
People discussing insurance needs
Health Care People suffering from allergies
People having trouble sleeping
People who need haircuts
People discussing plastic surgery
People discussing weight loss
People discussing their dentist and dental procedures
People discussing whitening their teeth
People suffering from stomach problems
People discussing LASIK procedures and related medical conditions
People suffering from headaches
People discussing the health concerns and aging of loved ones
People complaining about aches and pains
People discussing their own pregnancy or newborn child
People complaining about their chair
Legal Services People who need legal assistance
People discussing immigration, visas and passports
Marketing Services People discussing popular CMS software
People discussing search engine optimization services & tools
People discussing social media monitoring
People trying to increase their social media influence
Mobile Phones People asking questions about popular mobile phones
Restaurants People hungry for Burgers
People hungry for Chicken
People hungry for Chinese food
People hungry for Fast Food (any type)
People hungry for French cuisine
People hungry for Greek food
People hungry for Italian food
People hungry for Japanese food
People hungry for Mexican food
People hungry for Pizza
People hungry for Thai food
Retail People discussing green products and energy
People discussing beachwear and accessories
People discussing appliances
People discussing baby products
Software People discussing CRM software issues and vendors
People discussing Marketing Automation software issues and vendors
People discussing Social Media Monitoring issues and vendors
People discussing databases and data solutions
People discussing web servers
Travel People planning to fly to another city soon
People discussing rental cars
People just landing at an airport